Kylie WIcks Sports Therapist



Stress, tension, poor posture, tight neck & shoulders, uncomfortable back, restricted breathing, lack of energy, fatigue, discomfort, unexplained aches & pains, reduced flexibility.

Massage can remove the build up of general aches and pains that are normally accepted, working with the bodies natural healing processes by:

• Improving circulation of the immune system
• Increased blood and oxygen supply
• Cleansing the tissues of toxins and waste products.
• Reducing fat deposits that build up under the skin.

This results in an increased feeling of well-being, an ability to cope with stresses and a heightened feeling of energy and vitality also improving your skin condition. Enhancing and improving your physical, mental & spiritual well being.

Postural Alignment will be assessed to identify specific areas of tension and tight restricting muscles that need to be released to correct alignment, along with stretches and exercises.

* 1 hr Deep Tissue Back Massage
* 1 ¼ hr Full Body Deep Tissue Massage
(arms, legs ,neck, shoulders, back)









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