Kylie WIcks Sports Therapist



Muscular injuries, strains, sprains, trapped nerves, spasms, cramps, back problems, joint problems. Anyone can experience muscular injuries from Athletes to Office workers.

Sports massage is the manipulation of soft tissue to improve performance and endurance, preventing injuries and loss of joint mobility in potential trouble spots. The therapist explores the tissue, working deep into the muscle to stretch and loosen tight or knotted fibres, increasing blood and oxygen supply, improving flexibility and relieving pain caused by most muscular injuries. Manipulation of injured tissue prevents adhesions forming and creating scar tissue, resulting in a faster return to activity.

Rehabilitation: exercises and stretches will be given to aid & accelerate healing and recovery.



Ultrasound waves can be used for the treatment of muscular pain, to accelerate healing, loosen scar tissue & adhesions and reduce inflammation. Ideal for joint injuries, ligament & tendon problems and deep tissue injuries.






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